Bath Riverside Baby Massage has been set up by Helen with a vision to provide a wonderful relaxed space where parents and babies can meet and learn the techniques and benefits of Baby Massage whilst also having a really fun time in a beautiful setting.

Helen’s interest in complimentary therapies began whilst working in London and after discovering Neal’s Yard it soon became her sanctuary against the stresses of a busy life!

She became very interested in massage and the power of essential oils particularly their impact on emotional well-being and went on to study them in more depth gaining her Diploma in Aromatherapy and Massage during 2009. Helen also currently works at Neal’s Yard Remedies, both in the Shop and Therapy Rooms, where she is continually learning about health and wellbeing.

The practice of infant massage is not a new phenomenon. In many cultures, there is evidence that the traditional practice of massaging babies has been passed down from generation to generation for over 3000 years.

In many parts of the world such as, India, Africa, Asia, New Zealand and the Caribbean infant massage is still considered a routine part of daily baby-care, from the moment of birth until the baby is weaned and walking. During the 1880s and into the 1900s, influenced by Florence Nightingale, baby massage training was provided by nurses and physicians for many health-related conditions.

It is a part of nature, at birth mammals massage their young by licking and grooming them to encourage their body systems to normalise and in humans, midwives massage new born babies through drying to stimulate a response to take their first breath.

Massaging your baby has so many benefits, a few I have listed below, however above all it is such a wonderful way to bond with your baby and enjoy the closeness and contentment it brings.

  • Baby massage can increase your confidence, and can help your baby feel protected and loved.
  • Soothes and relaxes your baby, encourages feelings of tranquillity and can improve sleep.
  • Stimulates the release of the body’s natural endorphins inducing feelings of pleasure and wellbeing.
  • Promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid improving the body’s resistance to infection.
  • Releases the build-up of trapped wind improving digestion problems and colic.
  • For mothers with post-natal depression it can help lift symptoms, increase confidence and enhance bonding.

When is the best time to start a Baby Massage Course?

As a guide approximately when your baby is 8 weeks old (and after you and your baby have had your post-natal medical check-up)

Attending a class in those early weeks after birth may be a bit overwhelming for you both, it may be more relaxing and enjoyable once you have established a bit of a routine.

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